About Us

Cynthia and Elisabete

Hello and welcome to Birch & Blaze!

Overview: We are a small, mother and daughter owned wood art company based in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Established in November 2020, we specialize in creating wood art and gifts inspired by the nature around us. With a passion for the natural world, we strive to capture the beauty of our province through our unique art pieces, jewelry and home decor. 

Founding Story: Birch & Blaze was born out of a desire for a fulfilling career that could be pursued from the comfort of home while allowing for quality time with family. Cynthia, our founder, recognized the need for a flexible job after the birth of her second child in February 2020. A chance encounter with a Facebook post about laser cutting sparked her interest and reignited her creativity. Encouraged by her family, Cynthia took a leap of faith and invested in a laser machine. Her mother, Elisabete, saw the potential in the business and enthusiastically joined the venture. In November 2020, their first laser machine arrived, and they immediately began crafting Christmas ornaments. The overwhelming response and demand exceeded their expectations, solidifying their determination to succeed.

Company Evolution: Over the past couple years, Birch & Blaze has evolved from a general laser cutting and engraving business into a distinct artistic brand. Acknowledging this shift in focus, we recently rebranded from "Chilliwack Laser Cutting & Design" to "Birch & Blaze" to better align with our new direction. While we continue to provide personalized art and gifts, we now primarily concentrate on our own artistry, drawing inspiration from the local mountains, flora, and fauna that make our province so extraordinary. This intentional shift allows us to offer unique creations that embody the essence of our natural surroundings.

Our Team: At Birch & Blaze, we value the power of collaboration and the bond between mother and daughter. We work together harmoniously, leveraging our respective strengths and expertise to deliver exceptional results. The synergy of our partnership enables us to navigate challenges, inspire creativity, and ensure the success of our business. Our shared commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction drives us to constantly innovate and refine our offerings.

Mission Statement: At Birch & Blaze, our mission is to bring the beauty of nature into people's lives through our meticulously crafted art pieces, jewelry and home decor. We are dedicated to capturing the essence of British Columbia's natural wonders, celebrating the majestic mountains, indigenous plants, and captivating wildlife that define our region. With passion, creativity, and a commitment to excellence, we strive to deliver personalized, nature-inspired art that brings joy and a touch of the outdoors into every home. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us at Birch & Blaze. We look forward to sharing our love for nature and art with you. Sincerely, Cynthia and Elisabete Founders, Birch & Blaze

Our First Market
Meet the owners. Elisabete Isaak and Cynthia Steberl
One of our more recent markets
Our Market Display
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